Our Overcoming People Pleasing Habits

I was the people-pleaser for most of my life until I got sick of being in a cycle of burning out. I constantly gave too much of myself away, leaving little left to keep me going. I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life living in a way that was so damaging to my sense of worth and identity.

I finally, started a process of addressing this, when I hired a life coach who managed to take me on a magnificent mindfulness journey. I was able to find my authentic self and started enjoying my life free of people-pleasing habits,

Fast forwarding to now, I decided to train to become a life coach to ensure I was able to assist my clients at deeper level. I have interwoven my educational insight and experience as an educator/children-certified WISDOM life coach, along with my training and personal learning, to create this simple yet effective course to help you overcome your people pleasing habits.

I haven’t designed this course to stop you from being
nice, not at all!! Nor will you suddenly transform into an overwhelming, loudmouth having discovered your newfound confidence. It’s designed to address people-pleasing and increase sense of self and identity. It’s designed to strengthen your voice and encourage you to recognise that it has value, as do you.

This course is available in audio format as well as E-book format I hope you enjoy this course,

Let’s get started.

If you’re ready to help your child bust out of his shyness, click here for a complimentary consultation and we’ll map out a plan to help him create confidence and courage.

Jahseen Foster  is a certified WISDOM Coach and expert in helping kids discover who I am a certified WISDOM Coach and who can  help your child develop powerful mindset skills using:

  • Coaching stories
  • Engaging questions
  • Activities/Art projects
    visit us at: www.tenyourmind.comwww.coachjahseen.cominstagram@coachjahseen


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