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“I’m the boss of me!”

 Have you ever heard your child say these words?  I bet you have…and probably with an attitude mixed in! These words can trigger a power struggle in many families as parents’ automatic first thought is often, “Oh no you’re not!”  But what if your answer was…. “You’re right!  You are the boss of you.” BAM No power […]

Does Your Child Have Yo-Yo Self-Esteem? Part 2

In the last article we asked the question, does your child have yo-yo self-esteem? Recall that Yo-yo self-esteem occurs when children’s self-esteem rises and falls with the ups and downs of their lives (i.e. how they did in school, played in their soccer game, etc.). We talked about how important it is for children to […]

Our Overcoming People Pleasing Habits

I was the people-pleaser for most of my life until I got sick of being in a cycle of burning out. I constantly gave too much of myself away, leaving little left to keep me going. I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life living in a way that was so […]

Does Your Child Have Yo-Yo Self-Esteem?

Yo-Yo Self-Esteem? Does your child’s self-esteem rise and fall with the grades she makes? Does your child’s self-esteem rise and fall depending on who played with him at school that day? Does your child’s self-esteem crumble if he makes a mistake? If so, then your child is suffering from yo-yo self-esteem — self-esteem that rises […]