“I’m the boss of me!”

 Have you ever heard your child say these words?  I bet you have…and probably with an attitude mixed in! These words can trigger a power struggle in many families as parents’ automatic first thought is often, “Oh no you’re not!”  But what if your answer was…. “You’re right!  You are the boss of you.” BAM No power […]

How to talk with your kids about grades

 School is in session and that means…GRADES! Whether your children tend to earn A’s, B’s, C’s, or F’s, children often define “who they are” based on the grades they receive. “I’m an A-student” “I’m not very smart” “I’m an average student” It’s unfortunate when children identify themselves based on grades, as it can have a […]

What type of grownup do you want your child to become?

I was asked this question several years ago and it was a very powerful question for me so I wanted to share it with you.  Like you, I was already an engaged and connected parent; however, taking a few minutes to actually write down my vision for my kids enabled me to see areas where I […]