My name is Jahseen Foster, and I am a multifaceted teacher, author, and children’s empowerment life coach. I believe my calling is to help children and young people overcome obstacles and thrive to their full potential.

As a special education primary school teacher for over nine years, I have taught, tutored, and mentored children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). I have also worked closely with mothers who have children with various special needs to guide them with their learning and emotional well-being.

My natural ability to connect with children and young people has made me an effective advocate for them.

Over the years, I became a trusted source of emotional and mental support for both mothers and their children. I decided to expand my knowledge and techniques by taking a children counseling course, as well as a children life coaching course which eventually led me to realizing that empowering mothers and their children was more fulfilling than being confined to the classroom.

Today, I am better able to empower children to break through academic, mental, emotional, and social barriers. My vision is to help your child achieve their goals, and I am excited to see your child transform immensely. Book your free call today.